Thanks for visiting our blog. I wanted to tell you a little about the other services we provide throughout the year here at Cartlidge, Cartlidge, & Co. We offer more than assistance with individual, business, trust, or estate taxes. We offer business valuation, IRS problem resolution, and litigation support.

One example of our business services is business valuation, whether purchasing or selling a business, we have a formal process for doing this.

Not that we ever want you to be in the situation that you require this service, we do offer litigation support. We get hired by attorneys and business people to provide financial assistance in court, whether it’s valuing assets or figuring out fair division in a divorce case.

We will probably all get an IRS letter at some point in our life. If you happen to have the unfortunate experience of being audited by the IRS, we will go to battle for you. We have full faith in what we put on your tax returns, so we will resolve the problem with the IRS for you.

Contact us for more information on our additional business services.

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